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In today's ever competitive business world, the most important asset of a Company is its customers. Keeping customers happy is the ever ending focus of all entrepreneurs. In a recent study by the Harvard Business School, it was shown that retaining 5% of a company's customers, will increase profits between 25% and 95%. Customer retention, therefore, is a wise investment for any company. There are several strategies available to Companies for keeping its customer's engaged.

Communication - It is important to keep in constant contact with your customers. Provide them with information as they need it and as accurately as possible. Research don't give advise without knowledge. It is always better to let a customer know you don't know something than to give them misinformation.

Be Honest - Integrity should be at the front of all of the actions of your business. Today's customer is loyal to that person who provides them with the highest level of integrity.

Work diligently, but accurately - Customers prefer a right response before a fast response. Do the work, but do it right the first time. Don't create more work for your customer or for yourself. Check and re-check your work before completing it. Discuss any problems with the client before presenting the end result to them. Keep them informed throughout the project and let them know the problem and potential solutions Present a full picture with options to the client to give them a better view of the issues at hand.

Don't allow your customer to become a number. Customers' respond to personal attention. This keeps them coming back. I customers feel they lose the personal touch, they will go elsewhere and get it from someone else. Value what your client brings to you and make them the focus when they are on your phone, computer or in front of your desk. Show them they ARE important.

In essence, the customer is an important part of your business and keeping them happy puts profits in your pocket. Referrals come from happy customers.

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