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Let's face it. Most of us are in debt and paying high interest to credit cards. We live in a plastic society. So, we need to find a way to pay down our debt without throwing away anything extra. If you have high interest credit cards with high balances, find a credit card, they are out there, with a zero percent interest rate. Transfer the balances from your high rate cards to the 0% card. Next set yourself on a payment plan to pay the balance off before the zero percent expires. There are several cards available with 0% rates. Here are two examples:

BankAmericard® Credit Card - 0% for 15 billing cycles for balance transfers

Citi Simplicity® Card - 0% for 21 months for balance transfers

Work on paying down your higher interest higher balance cards first. The savings on your monthly payments from these accounts should be applied to the smaller balance cards. So if you are saving about $50 per month, take the $50 and apply it to one of your smaller accounts. Pay off the balances.

Of course, it doesn't help you to pay off the balances and keep on using your cards. Once you are done, evaluate which cards you want to keep for emergencies and instead of buying things on credit, put the money into a savings account for your spending. Lend the money to yourself and pay yourself back with interest.

Pretty soon, you will see yourself out of debt and with disposible income at the end of every month.

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